10 Tiny Toybox Homes You Won’t Believe People Live In

Find out what it really means to downsize with these quaint and charming tiny spaces.

timber clad tiny home
timber clad tiny home

Find out what it really means to downsize with these quaint and charming tiny spaces. We’re talking a living room, kitchen, bathroom and bedroom contained in a 300 square ft. area. Sounds cozy, doesn’t it?

Next time you complain about the size of your apartment, think about the families on Tiny House Hunters, looking to give up their homes and discover somewhere smaller… much smaller. They'll check out three unique, streamlined houses before deciding on the perfect compact place to call home.

These families are giving up their 6-bedroom homes and trendy city apartments to adopt the tiny way of life. They’ll cook on little stoves and let go of the majority of their possessions to make room for the things they really need to get by.

However, the frugal way of life comes with its’ perks. Not only are miniature houses relatively low-maintenance, they can also be surprisingly functional and stylish. And when you can live mortgage-free in an innovative and cleverly-designed home, keeping an open mind could pay off in the long run.

Small-space living, whether it’s alone or with family might not be for you, but that won’t stop you from appreciating the ingenious designs from Tiny House Hunters. That is, unless you have a phobia of enclosed spaces or a tendency to collect things.

Tiny Timber-Clad Home on Wheels

This cute timber-clad home on wheels looks like the cosiest place to take a pit stop after a stroll in the woods. Despite being built on wheels, you wouldn’t want to take it out for a spin on the road – it’s far too nice.

With the addition of wild flowers in planters, a chalkboard and an old-world lattice panel, this miniature abode is the essence of rustic charm. You wouldn’t think it but you can fit a double bed in this quaint little cabin. Upstairs you also get gorgeous views of the woods from three different angles.

Tiny Pop-Art House

This unique home on wheels is bursting with modern style. Its’ pop-art like appeal goes without saying, but what’s not totally apparent to the naked eye is the house’s exterior is made up of an energy-efficient roof plane, natural cedar sidings and vibrant corrugated fiberglass. And by the way, it’s only 140 square feet.

Circular Stone Dome House

Looking at this mound of stone, you might not immediately think of packing your bags and leaving your three-bedroom apartment. However, the curves and interesting angles of this ‘earthbag’ home plays tricks on the mind. Inside, it’s cool, breezy and holds hidden pods that serve as a bedroom and bathroom as well as having space for a kitchen and dining area.

We love the roundness that comes into play in all elements of the design here, giving the impression of light, coolness and space. This could be one of the weirdest homes we’ve seen on Tiny House Hunters.

Toy-Like House on Wheels

Let your childhood dreams of owning a brightly-colored home become a reality with this totally toy-like house on wheels. Whether you love it or hate it, this movable abode certainly makes a statement.

The colorful curb appeal goes without saying, but what’s not totally apparent is the home’s eco-friendly side. The roof is lined with energy-efficient solar panels which provide an essential source of heat and hot water during the cooler months.

Tiny Rustic Yurt

This rustic yurt might not look fancy from the outside but inside it feels spacious and airy. The cosy and secluded location gives privacy and space, while still feeling open and unrestricted inside. A covered porch and mini garden area provides just enough room to hang out the washing – what more do you need?

The angled ceiling means that the interior feels open and breezy, with the addition of a very welcome skylight and windows all around.

The owners have managed to squeeze in a full-sized fridge, oven, sofa and mezzanine floor for a double bed. This is the ultimate space for hanging out with friends, be it your permanent residence or a secluded home from home.

Quirky Wooden Cabin

This quirky cabin in the woods sports a sturdy, timber-clad roof and violet accents. Although it looks portable, you probably wouldn’t want to take it out on the road, with all your lovely home accessories inside.

With a total of 16 windows, natural light most certainly isn’t an issue and ensures the home feels light and bright – essential when you’re living in a 180 square foot space.

Beach-Lovers House

Channel your inner beach lover with this mini home inspired by the coast. Shades of aqua, lime and pastel purple come together to create an exterior some would argue only the owner could love.

Give the inside the tropical treatment to wake up to a snug, holiday-inspired getaway every day.

Tiny Wooden Cabin

A cosy, secluded cabin in the woods is the perfect home for nature lovers. Warming lights in burnt orange give the exterior a cosy and inviting glow – a big contrast to the chilly outdoors.

Decking at the front of the house overlooks the woods and provides ample room for an alfresco dining space so you can enjoy breakfast or an evening meal while watching the wildlife go by.

Mini Cladded House

Another picturesque home that looks more like a weekend indoor camping spot than a house for everyday living. This one has been given a rustic stone-edged path leading to a generous decking area.

With room for a two-person bench, a chair and log fire, this is the idea spot for toasting marshmallows and sharing stories with friends.

Treehouse-Style House

A sleek and sophisticated treehouse-style home feels like a natural fit for this landscape. Thousands of trees as far as the eye can see, and nestled in the middle is something quite spectacular.

With a 360 degree view of the woods, this home is surrounded by decking and encased in large windows, radiating light from every angle indoors.

Once you’re inside, you’ll have the modern luxuries of a breakfast bar, lounge area and potbelly stove, seamlessly placed over a vintage parquet floor. When can we move in?

10 Tiny Homes You Won't Believe People Live in

Find out what it really means to downsize with these super-small houses.

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