Time To Beast It Up!

Sick and tired of the sweat-stained walls, paying for equipment you don’t use, or unnecessary travel time in your day?

We all know a gym subscription can cost you an arm and leg in Dubai, so here are some tips for personalizing your gym from the comfort of your own home.

1. Know Yourself

Some people like to train alone, others are motivated by the group. Before you start investing, picture yourself at home exercising alone, no trainers no pumping music, just yourself. If this doesn’t already sound like a nightmare, you may continue reading this article...

2. Find Your Wealth

Gym equipment varies in price depending on function and intensity. When setting up your own gym, you needn’t spend on unnecessary equipment. Start with the basics and you can always phase in your upgrades over time.

3. Dedicate a Space

While equipment vary in size and space, it’s crucial to devote a space for an effective workout. Be it a corner in your living room or a closed garage, just keep in mind a number of factors like disruptions, distractions, and sound levels.

4. Set Your Mood

We all know equipment at home can easily turn into clothes hangers that were never meant to be. Keyword here is motivation: be it a mirror, a T.V, or a good sound system. Atmosphere kick starts your motivation and maintains your stamina.

5. Pick & Pack

You’re your own personal trainer now, make sure to stick to a program that works for you and get the techniques right. An extra tip… train with a DVD of that training master you think has the perfect body.

6. Be a Smart Bell, Use Dumbbells

Getting into equipment, dumbbells are the best option if you’re on a budget; they’re easy to store and give you a variety of options. Go for cast iron or steel for durability or for vinyl for lighter lifts. Adjustable dumbbells can also be an option to consider.

7. For the Love of Boulders

Weight Benches can be the most space occupying piece of equipment, however it’s crucial if you’re serious about beasting it up. They range from flat to adjustable and even up to Olympic standards. Just make sure you get one that fits with your selected program.

8. Hello? Treadmills?

Unless you’re recreating that famous OK GO treadmill video, do you really want to set up your own home gym to become a cardio bunny? If you must, take a stroll or climb the stairs. You don’t need to be spending on something you can easily substitute for.

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