Let Your True Colors Shine

Here are some tips and tricks to make use of color psychology to achieve the optimum interior design for your house.

1. A Whiter Shade of Paint

White is generally associated with purity. Utilizing it in a space can give the illusion of extension. It gives a general feel of refreshment and can be used to emphasize windows and door frames when combined with other neutral colors.

2. Forever Green

The color of nature and the most restful color to the eye. While it can be used in any room around the house, it’s important to note that different shades evoke different feelings, for example, dark green is associated with ambition while olive green is the color of peace.

3. A Purple Staple

Purple is sure to make a statement wherever used. Lighter shades add a restful sense to the space while darker values are associated with luxury and creativity. Additionally, children tend to choose purple over any other color, which makes it ideal for teens bedrooms.

4. Tangled Up in Blue

Blue is used to cool a room with too much sun exposure and heat. It can also be used to create a mood for work or meditations.

5. Mr. Grey Will See You Now

Grey is elegant without being too conservative. It’s best combined with white for a refreshing clean look. Needless to say that the shade of grey will drastically vary its effect, but in all cases avoid using too much as it can turn your space into a boring environment.

6. And It Was All Yellow

Sunshine and joy fill the room when energetic yellow steps in. However, picking the wrong shade can easily get you agitated. Use it in living rooms and hallways for a welcoming sense. It’s also an excellent accent color when used in small quantities.

7. Red Alert

It’s no surprise that red indicates threat and warning, however using a warmer shade increases a level of love and passion. Red is also known to increase appetite and thus is widely used in dining rooms and kitchens.

8. Naturally Neutral

Traditional but chic, brown gives a sense of security because it usually resembles earth. In interior arrangements, it can add depth and warmth to the space. You can also use it alongside neutral schemes for a welcoming touch.

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