Color VS. Pattern

Color, pattern, and texture are three often overlooked elements when it comes to decorating, however, together they shape your interior’s palette.

Use them to create your style, personalize your mood, and customize the feel of the same space, and here’s how…

1. Fade in, Fade out

Painting walls in a light color gives the space a sense of extension. Use bold colors in the remaining space definers with rugs and curtains to accentuate the look. Finish the work with cushions and linens for an added bonus.

2. Unity Importunity

Use whispered touches of light green paint (or any other preference) on small elements, match it with your cushion’s furniture upholstery and feel free to go wild with your furniture patterns.

3. The Color Hero

Patterns feel a bit overwhelming to choose from? Mix different designs contrasting in shape and size but relative in color. Extend that concept with smaller cushions while keeping your hero color in the middle.

4. Monochromtastic

If you’re not sure when enough is enough, play it safe with monochromes throughout your space. Get different elements to complement each other by either the same color or pattern.

5. Bring Me Back to Life

If you want to go bold with a daring floral colored pattern but worry it will be too much, flatter it by decorating with real life flowers to keep unity.
Bonus: Mix with basic black and white pattern for added flare.

6. Toying with Furniture

Not everyone is equally adventurous, If you worry too much about your walls trial and error, your furniture can opt in the color/pattern game. Paint your favorite backdrop on your wooden piece and praise it with pairing cushions.

7. Opposites Attract

It’s no secret that using opposing colors of the color wheel create a vibrant fresh look. Use simple elements like vases, paintings, and foot stools to splatter complementary colors around your space.

8. Wallpaper It!

Once you’ve decided on your favorite theme and the dominant color of your wallpaper, choose decorative elements to compliment your primary color. Avoid heavy textures as they eat up the space.

9. Keep It Playful

Don’t be afraid to be frisky, make your own DIY painting project in the room. Make your choice of art, keep it in light colors in case of changes, and enjoy some great bonding time with everyone in the family painting your comfort zone!

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