Beautiful Lakefront Decks You’ll Want to Chill Out on Every Day

Decks are the perfect place to enjoy a view of the lake from the comfort of your own home. These 8 lakefront homes are a perfect mixture of magical and practical.

1. Classic but sweet

Follow the star. Standing on the edge of a field and inviting sunlight to enter the house at all times of day, sun bathing is what this deck was surely made for. A welcoming extension to the home, this deck’s color scheme contrasts with the main house to stamp its' purpose.

2. One or many, a deck is for memories

This lakefront home is located between the lakeside and cliff side giving unique deck access by land and water. A perfect example of utilizing all that a lake and space have to offer. With many decks to choose from, views are certainly not what this beautiful home lacks

3. Surefire campfire

The hardwood, white fenced deck of this quaint house leads to a purpose built brick campfire pit. These two contrasting, rustic styles are not only beautiful when achieved, but also invite you to engage in the creation of endless memories around the campfire.

4. Aged and new, a perfect contrast

Visiting the lakeside is synonymous with barbecues. The deck of this house is directly connected to the kitchen; thus creating a connection between the house and the activities overlooking the lake. This deck’s aged look also contrasts perfectly with the clean finish of the house.

5. Cool Pool Deck

This home’s deck is roofed to protect it from weather conditions. With the perks of semi-transparency, beautiful lake vistas are not obstructed and a contained swimming pool within the deck only increases its fun factor.

6. Take in the colors of nature

Nothing makes a cool glass of lemonade taste sweeter than a sun-kissed deck in serene summer surroundings. This deck compliments the light colored home which respectively parallels the surreal natural colors surrounding the property.

7. Color extended

Using the same color scheme for the deck and the house creates a uniformed look, giving the deck a more connecting, inviting feel. Fitting this deck with a dining setup only adds to its allure.

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