9 Stunning Kitchens Created with Natural Colors

Get ready to have serious kitchen envy because these big, beautiful kitchens are dream-home worthy.

neutral colors
neutral colors

Natural colors give any room a contemporary touch. These colors compliment any space when used on floors, walls, ceilings and even furniture. Using wood elements in the second most memorable room in a house, the kitchen, can make a resounding impression. Here are 9 examples of modern, neutral color, kitchen designs.

Wood and White, the New Modern Classic

The appeal of a wood and white kitchen never grows old. The finishes in this open kitchen coordinate with the wooden floor. Plus, using a wood marble-top table gives this kitchen a contemporary vibe. The application of wood accents and textured sidewalls strengthened by bright colors, such as white, softens this kitchen space too.

Color and textural combinations always allow accents to shine through by reflecting off clean, modern lines within the walls, windows and floor. Wood flooring and finishing earths the modernized feel of this kitchen.

Rustic Never Gets Rusty

Clean white farmhouse-style wooden walls, airy window treatments and a wooden table are ideal for adding character to a light-filled room. Keep the whole look grounded with the right amount of texture, which is introduced with a set of rustic, dark-wood chairs, dark parquet flooring, a cast iron electric candle chandelier and hanging decorations.

Natural Lighting, a Golden Oldie

This simple, color-infused combination is warm, cozy and welcoming. A natural light source captivates the color scheme. This updated kitchen follows a 70’s motif but is vibrant and relevant to modern popular aesthetic.

A Subtle Signature

All-white kitchens are the trend, however, there are ways to add a personal touch with subtle color. Open uncovered windows, dark marble counter tops and a wooden floor, all accented with metallic hardware, fixtures and accessories, give this kitchen an ethereal feel.

Beaming with Confidence

Exposed roof beams are a great way to break the monotone of any ceiling and also present an antique, yet warm, note to this kitchen. The bold nature of a beam, in combination with their symmetry, creates a neat, beautiful outlook to any kitchen.

Plant Some Class

Simplicity is the hallmark of modern design. Adapting greenery to any kitchen decoration will give your kitchen character. A simple wooden design, from centerpieces to hanging plant pots, will do wonders to the feel of any kitchen.

Plants add color and life to any space in the home and no space is more ideal for plant decoration than the kitchen. When houseplants are selectively and appropriately displayed, they can make any kitchen look spectacular.

Spice up Your Kitchen

Don’t shy away from color contrasts. Silver blue, wood, white and natural light give this small sized, open kitchen a grand allure.

Two Halves of the Same Canvas

To avoid visual redundancy, many modern kitchens employ varied colors between the bottom and top halves. Here, the counter-tops feature marble, while drawer tops are dark grey. Consisting of wooden accents, the top half of this kitchen is designed in full contrast with regards to color. These colors create a symmetrical line between the top and bottom half of the kitchen.

Sticks and Stone

Concrete is a great design option since it can be manufactured in a variety of colors and shapes. Grouping concrete, taupe colored cabinets and a wood panel theme proves that natural colors are this kitchen’s distinguishing features.

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