8 Types of Chairs to Transform Your Room

Choosing the right chair for your room is not complicated… It should reflect your personality. Which chair defines you? So let’s look at a few examples. Sit back and scroll down!

1. Chair I am, This Is Me

Before selecting your chair, it’s important to consider what the chair will be specifically used for. For example, a guitar player wouldn’t want a chair with arms and a couch potato wouldn't want a chair that’s too rigid. Observe the room decor, click a picture for reference and go get the perfect chair to fit. We love the swanky blue chair in this picture, but is it right for you? Only you can decide.

2. I Just Wanna’ Rock!

I bought a rocking chair and it can’t stop playing Black Sabbath… *Cue laugher!*
Jokes aside, a lot of people affiliate rocking chairs with the old school or just old, but we think otherwise. Rocking on a chair has always been fun, as well as relaxing. It’s ok to go vintage, but you may want to think retro over relic so it fits in with the rest of your decor. There are even modern rocking chairs which use springs now - rock on!

3. Contrast Will Last

Don’t always try to match furniture, sometimes it’s good to contrast. Bold colors, shy pastels or even monochrome can all work magic. Get a photo of your chosen chair, hold it the room where you imagine it going and see if it catches your eye. When a chair stands out in the room, everyone wants to sit on it.

4. We Couldn’t Chair Less

Sometimes people might say that a pattern or color is too loud or too gaudy, but if it makes you feel good, that’s the most important thing of all. Look for comfort, style and smart designs. Remember, it’s when you actually look forward to sitting in a chair that sit really happens!

5. Be the Chairman of the Room

We’re talking about corporate designs. It’s not for everyone but if done right, corporate chairs with modern furniture can give your room a sophisticated look and feel. Mr. Grey will see you now. We mean the color grey!

6. A Chair with Flair

If your room is a mix of colors, designs and styles, then chances are literally any chair will fit in. It’s all about identifying that missing element or chairry on top of the icing. If you can, go for funky designs or symmetrical patterns. Sit in style!

7. A Day with Leatherman

No, this has nothing to do with late night talk show legend, David Letterman; leather chairs are just as popular. With all the changes in trends around the world, leather never really went out of style.
Some of the most famous chairs or couches in pop culture are leather. Remember Joey and Chandler’s Barcalounger? They’re comfy and they’ll be chair for you.

8. I Chair for 2

Although the typical chair is meant to seat just one person, there’s no rule that says you can’t invite more. If you have more room to spare, go for a two-seater. More the merrier right? What’s more, you can share your room’s beautiful surroundings with someone special by your side. Chairing is caring.

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