8 Tips To Keep Your Home Cool in the Hot Season

With the peak of summer approaching, the words of Nelly spring to mind – it certainly is getting hot in here!

But don't take off all your clothes, just make smart decisions to keep your home cool.

Here are 8 tips at doing so this summer.

1. It’s Certainly Curtain-ly

Most of the hot air comes through your windows and doors, making your home feel like a bit of a furnace. One easy way to beat the heat is to go from infernal to informal! Replace your regular curtains with thick bright colored curtains to lower the temperature in your house.

2. Get The LED Out

Incandescent bulbs are known to radiate a lot of heat. Switch to lamps with LED lights. They produce less heat, consume less power and they create the perfect ambiance.

3. Cotton-Bed Joe

Cotton bed covers, bed sheets and pillow covers are light weight and breathable. They don’t stick to your body and they’re pleasant to touch. Choose light colored bed covers as they absorb less heat.

4. Go Green

It may sometimes look like a scene from Jumanji but if done right, plants are one of the best ways to, not only cool the temperature in your house during the day, but also to create a natural environment that’s relaxing.

5. Go Blue

Cool colors are those that calm and soothe because they remind us of water, sky or even ice and snow. A blue theme can feel clean, elegant and open up a room; this can make smaller rooms look more spacious, which adds to the breathe-easy cooling effect.

6. Thou Art Smart

The right art on your walls can create a calming and cooling effect. You don't need to be a Da Vinci to choose the right art - just look for pieces inspired by nature, such as oceanic and sky images that remind you of cool elements.

7. Gather Around

A kitchen counter can give your home a beach-house feeling that not only looks cool, but makes for a cool place to hang out and sip on some refreshing beverages to beat the heat. Fresh lemonade anyone?

8. Mirror Mirror

A mirror is like the cherry on top of a cake. It completes the room and its shiny surface creates the illusion of a cooling effect because subconsciously it reminds us of water and ice.

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