8 Cute and Cosy Home Accents to be Inspired By

Regardless of its theme, every home can benefit from the addition of a little cozy comfort. Adding soft layers and personalized touches while still being budget savvy is easy. Be inspired by these eight simple styling tricks from Love it or List it for making your space feel like home on a budget.

8 Cute and Cosy Home Accents to be Inspired By

From wooden shelves and accents to cuddly throw pillows and blankets, these eight simple styling tricks from Love it or List it will give your space a cozy feel.

1. Wood You?

Wooden shelves and accents give a natural feel to any space. Woven baskets for storage, simple wooden coffee tables and wooden accents can be built from recycled wood and personalized to your preference. Thus, giving your personal space a signature look.

2. Try Darker Walls

Instantly increase the coziness of a room without spending too much money by darkening the wall paint. Dark and dramatic paint, like Bordeaux or dark brown gives an inviting feel to any room. Just remember to add some contrasting light colored accents as not to make it feel too heavy.

3. Rug it out!

Adding a rug or several layers always makes an already comfortable room feel extra cozy. Nothing is more enjoyable than a homely space for family gatherings!

4. Ready to Read

Adding isolated seating to any room gives it an inviting appeal that calls for you to curl up with a good book to read. Vintage leather and soft material seating can be found in many thrift stores and furniture warehouses for unimaginably inexpensive prices.

5. Counters Count

Do you have an open kitchen overlooking a dining area? Adding chairs to the counter creates a bigger space for meal times. The contrast between the two areas will diversify the seating arrangement while adding a cozier, dynamic feel.

6. Dinner and a Show

Adding chairs to the island in your kitchen invites family and guests to sit and share the moments spent in that space. Simple and cost effective, this method adds life and energy to any kitchen.

7. Throw a Blanket or a Throw Pillow

Nothing instantly magnifies the cozy factor of a room more than a warm blanket or a cuddly throw pillow placed on a couch, armchair or chaise.

8. Cozy, Warm and Toasty

If you have a fireplace in a room, the easiest and cheapest way to up the level of coziness is to simply turn the fireplace on. If your fireplace is only aesthetic, then making it a focal display with simple decorative features also helps.

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