8 Budget-Friendly Home Accessories to Elevate Your Space

Accessories create a defined rhythm of beautiful shades in your home. When chosen correctly, their simple nuances give you a fancy design style that can take the look and feel of your space to new heights.

8 simple Home Accessories to add magic to your space

Need to elevate your space but you're tight on budget? These eight budget-friendly accessories from Property Brothers: Buying and Selling will help you maximize the potential of your personal space.

1. Take Flight with Trunks

Wheelless flight case trunks are the perfect accent for the modern living room. Often made from sturdy leather and steel, this accessory not only makes for a perfect coffee table, but can also be used for storage.

2. The Power of Flowers

The most basic accessory for any room is flowers. Colors that reflect or offset your rooms palette will give any space that extra special touch.

The flowers here are fresh and elevate the rooms black and white theme.

3. “Branch” Out with a Touch of Nature.

A simple branch placed in the centre of an art collection inspired by interesting shapes becomes a stand-out piece within itself.

Notice how its organic shape and texture contrasts the room’s design and makes it a focal point on the zebra colored bowl.

4. Pillow Pile

Add a few extra colorful pillows or cushions in the living room for a touch of extra comfort and pattern. Pillows help you to experiment with colors. Turquoise and plum may sound like an odd color pairing, but they complement each other perfectly when placed near a pair of yellow curtains.

5. An Art Scene

An artistic print is always an interesting focal point for any room. Three pieces grouped beside one another gives a wall even more of a pop! Placed next to an abstract decorative piece, a group of prints will create an artistic visual from what would otherwise be an empty corner.

6. Mantelpiece Masterpiece

Candles, pots, art and sculptures make your mantel top an artistic masterpiece.

7. Sculpturalize and Personalize

Sculptures give you a chance to truly personalize a room. Display things that peak your interest. An ornamental horse, clay pottery and sculpted vases turn your dining room in to a meal within a museum.

8. Coloring with Curtains

Curtains light up a room in two ways: their pattern design and the way they color incoming light. Whether expensive or budget, these two characteristics need to be factored in when choosing curtains.

Here, the black and white patterned curtains contrast the colors in the room.

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