8 Beach House Interior Tips

If you think that jazzing up your home is a tedious task, beach please! Here are a few simple ways to do it using cool colors that make a bold statement. Shell we?

1. Sky Above, Sea Pillow

Replacing your entire couch or sofa isn’t cheap, so why not modify it instead? Buy a few beach colored cushion covers and give your existing sofa a vibrant new look. We recommend sea blue, coral green, shell pink, and literally any color that reminds you of a perfect day in the sun.

2. Water You Doing? Painting!

Beaches usually have signs all over the place. “High Surf”, “Sharks!”, “Snacks”, “No Swimming!”, etc. Grab the lid of a wooden crate from your local grocery store and paint it. Use beach colors for the background and white for the text. Technically you’d just be adding some art to your walls but with a sunny twist.

3. Sleep With the Fishes

What’s more relaxing than taking a nap on a floating boat that’s rocking you gently to sleep? Get the relaxing beach house effect in your bedroom by simply changing the sheets. Once again, we recommend light colors that remind you of the sea. It will even make you feel more positive when you wake up.

4. Can You Be More Pacific?

This next idea reminds us of the time Captain Jack Sparrow proudly sang “I got a jar of dirt, I got a jar of dirt”, because that’s essentially what we are recommending… but just a bit less dirt. Visit your nearest beach and find some shells, pebbles, sand or even seaweed to pop in a jar and create your own center piece ornament for your living room.

5. Seas the Day

Instead of paying out for expensive carpets, why not add a nautical-looking garden mat to your home to help create that breezy beach home look. A bold colour can make more of a statement than an expensive fabric.

6. Turn Over a New Leaf

No we’re not talking about making some major changes to your life, we’re recommending you scatter a little greenery throughout your house to bring that outdoor feeling indoors.

7. If There’s a Will There’s a Wave!

Sometimes it’s not just the color that brings out the style you’re looking for, it’s also the pattern and design. So the next time you’re shopping for bed linen, pillows or curtains, keep an eye out for wave patterns. It may be subtle but it’ll do the trick.

8. Feel Fintastic

Although the right color is very important to achieve the style you’re looking for, it’s also important that you choose the right designs. The next time you shop for little table top décor, choose fish themed ornaments. Bottoms up!

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