8 Antique-Chic Living Room Ideas to Steal Now

We’ve evaluated 8 of our favorite antique-chic ideas based on iconic designs, popularity and practicality. We’re not necessarily choosing the elements that your typical interior designer would pick, so sit back and relax as we explore the antiques that we consider vintage wins!

1. From the Chandelier

We’d like to quote Sia and say ‘I’m gonna’ swing from the chandelier’, but we don’t think this one could take the weight. Jokes aside, an antique-chic chandelier can add a world of atmosphere to your living room. Sia later!

2. Breaking Bread

Although this table may look like something from Leonardo da Vinci’s masterpiece “The Last Supper” we can’t deny that it does have a charm of its own even today.
For starters, the table is gloriously long, so the more the merrier! It’s wooden so it goes well with most other furniture and it has more surface area… which means more food for us!

3. Face It, It’s a Faucet

Surround antique-style faucets with modern fittings for a stylish and elegant bathroom. It creates a homely vintage ambiance without feeling too out of touch with the rest of the house. For us it adds a little splash of fun to an otherwise mundane activity.

4. Turn On the Tube

Did you know that back in 1955, owning a TV was considered a luxury?
If you can manage to get your hands on one of those vintage television sets, it’ll instantly make your living room ten times more interesting. It’s a great conversation starter and it doesn’t occupy much space. The TV doesn’t have to be in working condition but just in case you get lucky, tune in to HGTV!

5. Good Mood Swings

Swings on a home’s front porch were common place back in the day. Now with modern day interior design, these classic beauties are often forgotten. They’re so easy to install that you can even build one yourself! Get an antique 2-4 seater chair, attach four chains, nail in some hooks and start swinging. It’ll give a welcoming impression to guests and provide hours of relaxation.

6. Another Brick In The Wall

When we say brick, we’re speaking figuratively. Adding an antique element to your home doesn’t always mean getting an old chandelier, chair or desk. Imagine hanging Jimi Hendrix’s guitar or Louis Armstrong’s trumpet on your walls! A lot of these classic instruments are still available today and appreciated by music lovers all over the world. Get one and give your living room a rocking look.

7. It’s About Time

In today’s modern age, we use our phones for almost everything and that includes looking at the time. Antique clocks are probably the best way to add a bit of old-fashioned style to your modern home. Being a representative of time, they symbolize both the past and present. Add a few roman numerals and you’ve got the epitome of nostalgia. A simple old clock can do so much, even if you don’t actually use it to look at the time.

8. Wood You?

In today’s technological age, there’s a quest for perfection in almost everything and that includes furniture. That’s why we’re often used to smooth, shiny table-top surfaces and sleek chairs that look like they belong in an Apple commercial. Some low cost exposed woodwork and rusty metal frames can make your home look unique with antique-chic. Like we said earlier: old is gold!

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