In 2018, Be a Monica Instead of a Joey!

Keeping your house more habitable isn’t something you strictly make a resolution for, however, it easily affects all your decisions whether you realize it or not.

Here are a few tips for you to keep your house tidier and cleaner for longer this year.

1. Start Somewhere

Even if your house is a universal mess, don’t get beaten down. Start with the space you spend most of your time in and work your way around your house from there.

2. Blow Your Whistle

Let’s face it, no one really enjoys cleaning but you know what they say ‘Fake It Till You Make It’. Playing, whistling, humming, or singing your favorite tune passes the time and keeps the beat in your feet.

3. Break From The Break

Use commercial breaks (or hold off pressing that ‘Continue Watching’ button) to lift your dirty dishes or throw away those pizza boxes. Not only does it make your living cleaner, it also counts for a bit of cardio ;).

4. Sinklean

It’s no secret, the more you leave your stains and dirty dishes, the harder it's going to be to clean them. Even if you don’t intend on cleaning your entire kitchen, keeping your sink clean for the longest will save you both time and effort.

5. Game Of Clones

No need for clones when you can multitask. Clean as you cook and rinse your utensils before you sit down to eat to make it easier for you to later wash them. It’s also handy getting into the habit of wiping your countertops daily for a wake up to a spotless kitchen.

6. Hang In There

We won’t sound like your mother and tell you to make your bed as you go. Instead, we will tell you to at least make sure you immediately hang the clothes you wore even if you leave it hanging outside your closet.

7. Let It Go

For the Frozen fans among you, we have no doubt you embrace this mantra already. For those who don’t, we know you’ll lose those couple of pounds, however, if you finally decide to let go of that dress hanging in your closet for too long, make sure you have a couple of racks or bags near to edit your closet and donate or sell as you go.

8. Run For Cover

Outdoor spaces are particularly more challenging to keep clean for obvious reasons. If you’re not using your outdoor space and furniture frequently, make sure to cover them away from dust and sun light. If not, then make sure to give them a daily quick wipe.

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