11 Design Trends That Have Reached The Point of No Return

Do you love hanging inspirational quotes in your home? Or have you grown up with granite counter tops in your kitchen? Have you ever stopped to wonder, will these designs stay around forever? We think not. In fact, many of them have started to disappear. Don’t worry, you’ll get to see them one last time as we look at 11 design trends that have crossed the point of no return.

1. You’ve Been a Good Pal, Decal.

It’s the digital age and if someone wants to put a bird or any other character on their wall, they’ll probably find a gizmo that looks like one and interacts with them as well. We love minimalistic, simple ideas like wall decals as much as the next person but will it stick around? Get ready to fly away home buddy, there may not be room for 2D in tomorrow’s world.

2. Thanks For Keeping Us Calm

We’ve seen it affiliated with almost everything from eating doughnuts to exercising. We’re talking about the British governments now famous, morale-boosting slogan ‘Keep Calm and Carry On’. Although it recently became trendy, nearly 60 years after it was originally created during World War Two, we believe that it may be done spreading its calming messages.

3. We Bow To The Rainbow

In a world of Instas, InstaSelfies, InstaSongs, InstaIceCream, InstaThis and InstaThat, good luck finding someone with the patience to color code your library. As technology develops, we find our attention spans and patience levels decreasing. When was the last time you engaged in an activity for hours without getting distracted by a smart screen? Color coding libraries is like watching the movie Avatar and thinking ‘Wow, it’s so beautiful and I could totally imagine myself living like that…..But I doubt that’s going to ever happen.’

4. Oh Dear Me, Not Taxidermy

Imagine how fictional Pet Detective Ace Ventura would react to taxidermy. Some people just don’t get it and can over-react if they see a wild animal’s head nailed to a wall. Big game hunting went out a long time ago and now there are digital zoos, like Orbi Dubai, that use state-of-the-art technology to create the illusion of wild animals among us. Perhaps it’s a more forward thinking way of appreciating nature.

5. Carry On, Chevron

Chevron – a V-shaped line or stripe, commonly used one the sleeve of an armed forces uniform to indicate rank, has served it’s time. Perhaps it’s time for chevron to retire. Bold, graphic patterns can be enjoyed to a limit but they’re everywhere! Maybe we should give our eyes a little rest and keep this pattern reserved for racing tracks.

6. Fault In Our Jars

There’s a word for home décor elements that bring back the old moonshine, barn wedding themed look. It’s called Steampunk! Try it and give these mason jars a rest.

7. Lights Out, Edison!

Yes, Edison bulbs have that comfortable kitchen / coffee bar feel and they may even look nice in a particular corner of your house or office but the truth is that nowadays there are many cheaper and more eco-friendly alternatives that can do the trick. So going with an Edison bulb may be a little impractical but… who are we to judge. Let there be light!

8. Brittle Beef Gigs or Something Like That

We’re talking about Fiddled Leaf Figs and three words instantly come to mind – expensive, high-maintenance and toxic! This interior flora is a home-décor-fan favorite, but don’t take it lightly. It’s pricy, difficult to maintain in less-than-optimal conditions and can be poisonous to your pets. So give your furry little friends a break and stay away from these Little Thief Pigs.

9. No More Pinks We Thinks

Pink isn’t for everyone. Although we love it, we wonder whether this crowd-pleasing shade might soon be replaced by more modern hues such as pastels, yellow or neo mint. We’re promise that we’re not saying pink won’t be missed. In fact, we pinky promise.

10. Rose Gold

Rose gold was cool when it initially gained popularity (think iPhones!)… but we think it may loose its charm because it caught on too quick. Too much of a good thing can be bad. Right now, we’d prefer a basket of roses and a pot of gold.

11. All That Glitters…

Who doesn’t find glitter fun? It’s like magic pixie dust that adds a pinch of fantasy to your life and your home. A little too mushy for some? Well, just remember that once you start playing with glitter it gets EVERYWHERE! Unless you want to spend the next few years picking bits of glitter out of your carpet, you may want to rethink this one.

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