10 Ways to Make Your Hardwood Floors Steal the Scene

Wood types are diverse by nature. With a variety of notes available, hardwood floors will definitely add character to your home's interior.

The unparalleled allure and versatility of hardwood ranges from deep, warm impressions to light, modern tones. With plenty of variations between wood types, hardwood floors are sure to add character, warmth and beauty to your home’s design.

Not only is hardwood flooring used in rustic and country designs, but it can also be utilized to brighten rooms to life when paired with modern lighting, furniture, and decorations. Hardwood can also blend together the best elements of classical and modern designs.

1. The Monochromatic Contrast

Monochrome generally reflects a sense of geometry. When combined with hardwood floors, the monochromatic effect only enhances the color and richness of the dark Oak floor.

2. The Flare of the Floor

While wood flooring is naturally attributed to the more traditional interior décor and design, pairing with modern elements is highly encouraged. Complementing the flare of the floor with contemporary furniture choices, streamlined hardware, and lighting will create a welcoming and modern feel to any space.

3. Wood You Dare?

Contrasting wood themes in this room enhance the thin plank cumaru wood flooring to create a modern theme by blending rough and rustic with stained, polished variety of stains and grains.

4. No More Tiles

Tiles are usually the go-to flooring with it comes to bathrooms. However, laminated wood flooring creates an unmatched feel in the lavatory; offering distinct color and depth aided by natural lighting. Hardwood floorings soften prevalent ceramic finishing and create a welcoming contrast.

5. Bring It together

Modern homes of today are designed with open, connecting floor plans, this should also be taken into consideration when choosing a wood floor. Create a seamless connection between your spaces with the installation of wood planks that naturally flow from space to another without the appearance of dividing borders. A planned consistency in hardwood floors not only makes for a beautiful, unique aesthetic, but also makes cleaning so much easier!

6. The Appeal of Dark Wood

Dark floors are growing in popularity, they give a blend of contemporary and classical look to any space. They also never go unnoticed, especially in a prevalently “white” space, like a bathroom or a bedroom. A perfect highlight occurs when incorporated with white furniture, as seen in this bedroom.

7. Put the Pieces to a Puzzle

Wood floors appearing to have been “pieced” together like a puzzle give an unmatched customized look to any room. When paired with the right lighting and finishing, a space can be “elevated” from the ground up.

8. Light, A Dark Floor’s Best Friend

When opting for dark floors throughout your home, the best element that can be utilized is light! With the use of lighter cabinet choices, white painted walls, or patterned area rugs, light can be drawn into a room and can provide a rich, beautiful contrast.
Natural light reflected off a stained wood floor is always picturesque and poetic.

9. Let Your Imagination Run Free

Treating wood floors as neutral catalyst gives you the freedom to layer furniture and accents according to your preference. In a living/dining room, the wood floor stands out by purposely using an area rug in the living area while completely eliminating it in the dining area. The theme is further enhanced by the color palette utilized.

10. Wood is Hard but Not as Hard as Tile

Walking on wood feels so much better than walking on tiles, stepping on a carpeted wood floor is even better! Maximize this comfort by layering rugs on top of wood floors in your sitting rooms and open spaces. Sometimes the beauty of a wooden floor is about the enhanced underfoot sensation, not only visual appeal.

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